Job Seeker Services


Looking for a job? Need help getting started? Or want to improve your skills? The Marin Employment Connection (MEC) provides a range of no-fee services to job seekers. These services are listed below. Note: The recommended first steps to services are to attend an orientation to services and a Plan to Work Session:

Orientation to MEC Services

Attend the MEC Orientation to obtain a better understanding of the full range of job search support and job training services available. The orientation introduces job seekers to free services and resources available at or through the MEC network of agencies. Learn about the MEC Career Resource Center, workshops to help discover your interests and learn job search skills, networking opportunities, access to local labor market information and information and referrals to community resources.

Orientation is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 11:30 am.
No registration is required.

Ready-Made Resumes

An online resume builder, Ready-Made Resumes is free to MEC members. This program can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. You'll find lots of resume templates for all types of jobs, entry-level to senior management. Special focus on solving work history problems such as employment gaps, job-hopping, age discrimination, and career change. Call the MEC Career Resource Center, 473-3330 for the MEC password.

Job Search Tools

The following forms are utilized in our job search workshops. Participants complete these forms and use them as a guide when filling out job applications. You can open these forms, complete them and then print. However, you cannot save them. Please note these are not actual job applications.

1. Your Employment Facts Sheet Cover Page

2. Your Employment Facts Sheet

3. Your Employment Facts Sheet Work Experience Adendum

4. Your References Cover Sheet

5. Your References