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The mission of the Workforce Investment Board of Marin County (MCWIB) is to be responsible for policy making and implementation of the workforce development system administered through the Marin Employment Connection (MEC). The MCWIB envisions a sustainable balance between the employment needs of job seekers and the business needs of employers for skilled workers, to ensure a self sufficient, diverse workforce in Marin.

The MCWIB was created in response to the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998. The thirty-five member board is comprised of private employers, educators, labor representatives, public sector managers and non-profit agencies that provide direction and oversees efforts in Marin County through the following avenues:

  • Oversight – Over WIA funds that support the programs and services provided through the MEC
  • Convener - Bringing together business, labor, education, and economic development to focus on community-workforce issues
  • Workforce Analyst - Developing, disseminating and understanding current labor market and economic information and trends
  • Broker - Bringing together systems to solve common problems or brokering new relationships with businesses and workers
  • Community Voice - Advocating for the importance of workforce policy and providing perspective about the need for skilled workers
  • Capacity Builder - Enhancing the region's ability to meet the workforce needs of local employers

The MCWIB has developed key goals to enact the mission of supporting Marin County's employers and job seekers. These goals include the following:

  • To create strong public-private workforce partnerships that promote economic opportunity, improve high-demand skills and sustain economic growth
  • To expand the utilization of workforce development resources by Marin employers
  • To provide employers with specific tools and strategies that address changing workforce needs

Areas of focus for the MCWIB include:

  • Enabling employers to respond to the ever-changing Marin County workforce such as succession planning, baby boomer and generation X and Y employees, increases in the Latino population or labor surpluses/shortages
  • Preparing the workforce for high-demand occupations in areas such as health care, business services, and “green” industries/construction;
  • Piloting programs in customer service, certified nursing assistance (CNA) and solar-photovoltaic installation.

The MCWIB accomplishes its mission and goals through community partnerships with public and private organizations throughout the county.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) is a federal law which created a national workforce preparation and employment system. The law mandates a system designed to meet the needs of the nation’s businesses, job seekers and those who want to further their careers. WIA requires that programs are designed and managed at the local level, relying on local agencies and businesses to determine needs and deliver appropriate programs. The MCWIB is the local body responsible for enacting WIA programs within Marin County.